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Welcome to Penned by Becca

Hello, friends!

Welcome to my website. Thanks for dropping by!

I am a poet and spoken-word artist based in London, United Kingdom, with a passion for words and the impact that they can have. Most of the poems that I write are very mental health focussed and many are reflective of the ebbs and flows of my own mental health journey.

My aim in sharing them is that someone, somewhere, will feel seen or heard in their journey and know that they are not alone. I believe that we connect with each other deeply through our stories, and with regards to mental health I think it is important to share them and help create an environment where we all feel safe to speak openly about our emotions and feelings and empowered to seek support.

Sending love and light,

Rebecca xx

A photo of a girl smiling, wearing a colourful jumpsuit, with the London Skyline in the background.

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