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Spoken Word

I always think of Spoken Word as words in motion. Words that demand to be spoken. Each one is a vessel to convey emotion, each with a life of its own it insists on leaving the page.

I fell in love with this art form and it completely transformed how I view human connection. When watching Spoken Word performances you can literally feel the energy in a room shift.

Human emotion is a universal currency; we each have unique experiences but we can all relate to each other on some level through the emotions that arise from them. Spoken Word is one way of telling a story and sharing those emotions, and it provides a window into another's feelings and new perspectives.

Below are some of my Spoken Word performances. Enjoy!

Photo of a girl wearing glasses, a black coat, and a green hat, who is smiling, she is standing on a promenade near the beach with blue skies in the background.


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